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Compile your share portfolio like the heavyweights do

In most of my reports, I always try to give investors the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding their personal investment portfolios. Upon recently visiting my doctor following a somewhat incorrect self-diagnosis, he jokingly stated that “Dr Google” thinks he knows everything, often to the detriment of his patients. Not only did I make […]


Just how defensive are defensive stocks right now?

Defensive stocks are predominantly found in industries where companies are mainly focused on delivering cheaper products or services that consumers find hard or impossible to manage without. Typical examples of areas where defensive investments can be found include food manufacturers and retailers, medical care and the tobacco and alcohol industries. The fact that delivering these […]

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Equity reports

Get to know your JSE companies: MMI HOLDINGS LTD (JSE: MMI)

MMI Holdings was formed from the merger of Metropolitan and Momentum and listed on the 1st of December 2010. The company recently released an operational update for the nine months ended 31st of March 2019. Diluted headline earnings per share rose by 29%, mainly as a result of the share buy-back program, stable profitability in Momentum […]

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