Financial Planning

Structure your direct offshore investment correctly, from the start

Do your own research and approach emigration and externalisation of assets with exceptional levels of critical thinking, not based on emotions. South Africans are currently facing the difficulty of making financial decisions in light of worrying new headlines. Many investors are grappling with planning ahead and making thorough capital allocation decisions despite high levels of […]

Financial Planning

How to retire in South Africa post 2019

South Africans will need to increase their focus on tax-efficient investment. South Africans received the budget speech gracefully on February 20 2019. Everyone who listened to the speech will, for a very long time, recall our new minister of finance moving with flair, courage and humour. One could hear a pin drop in Parliament and […]

Financial Planning

The decision every parent must make, and would rather not

Considerations when appointing guardians for your minor child. By Richus Nel South Africa certainly is an exciting country to live in, but this excitement comes at a high price in terms of the unpredictability of events, outcomes and developments. The uncertainty this generates in our lives means that we need to consider the position of […]

Financial Planning

How cycling connects to better long-term investing

Biking to retirement: Start with small achievable targets and learn to ride the ‘investment bike’ over many years, long before retirement. As a recreational cyclist, I regard cycling as one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to get around. But while some cycling is for recreation, other times it can be about incremental goal […]


It will rain again – don’t try to predict, rather prepare

Important financial lessons learnt from the recent drought.   Last summer, Cape Town narrowly avoided a ‘Day Zero’ scenario. Had Day Zero manifested, Cape Town would have faced one of the biggest humanitarian crises in our history. The prospects of taps running dry (together with the measures taken), can teach us a number of important […]