Just how defensive are defensive stocks right now?

Defensive stocks are predominantly found in industries where companies are mainly focused on delivering cheaper products or services that consumers find hard or impossible to manage without. Typical examples of areas where defensive investments can be found include food manufacturers and retailers, medical care and the tobacco and alcohol industries. The fact that delivering these […]


Winners do not always go hand-in-hand

I’m sure that most people are familiar with the saying about something going hand in hand with something else. Let’s use a cycling team in the Tour de France (TdF) as an example. A team consisting of Peter Sagan and Mark Cavendish simply wouldn’t make sense, because their goals for this year’s TdF, and their […]


Is now the right time to sell your shares?

We find ourselves in the sixthmonth of 2019, a year that can definitely be described as a rollercoaster year. Just over a month ago investors were all excited to see the FTSE/JSE trading positive by 14.5% for this year (up to 23 April 2019) and there was a general feeling of optimism. Now the market […]

Trading Ideas

Sasol – Running out of Fuel

Sasol – Running out of Fuel by SchalkLouw on In one fail swoop, Sasol not only dropping 13% in one day, but also broke a very strong support line at R383.50. Main reason was the Lake Charles Project not only seriously going over budget, but also starting to look like the Never-Ending Story. Debt […]

Equity reports

Choose equity unit trust funds for their strengths

Those of you who follow my reports on a regular basis will know that I love to compare and analyse stocks according to different ratios globally in an attempt to identify the best of the best.  I have also pointed out that there isn’t necessarily only one right answer when it comes to investment ratios. […]

Trading Ideas

My Tencent worth…

My Tencent worth… by SchalkLouw on Following most Chinese Internet Companies, #Tencent succumbing to the Trump tax-blow. A breakthrough it’s 6-month support line does not paint a pretty picture for the share price going forward. N   Next support level could be around the lows of March (350HKD), with a break most probably testing […]

Trading Ideas

How Low can you Go…Remgro?

How Low can you Go…Remgro? by SchalkLouw on Remgro is getting very interesting. Despite the fact that the share price is getting closer to the bottom support level of a Descending Triangle , the company still seem fundamentally sound and somewhat oversold according to its 14-day RSI . Consensus target price (according to Thomson […]

Financial Planning

Have realistic growth expectations

“`During my years in this industry, I have met countless investors who simply aim too high with their growth expectations and often refuse to invest according to the risk profile recommended for them. Upon inception, they want to invest as aggressively as possible to achieve the best possible growth, until markets take a turn for […]

Trading Ideas

Anglo American – Oversold

Long Top5 oversold/overbought according to RSI & Anglo American by SchalkLouw on Spending some time on Anglo American. This remains one of my favourite mining house. Lately, it did however find itself in an extreme overbought environment, which was “corrected” in one big swoop. For the first time since November last year, the share […]

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The Hangover by SchalkLouw on Bad miss from Anheuser-Busch today – Q1 vs estimates * Q1 REVENUE USD 12.59 BILLION VERSUS USD 12.77 BILLION IN REUTERS POLL * Q1 NORMALIZED PROFIT ATTRIBUTABLE TO EQUITY HOLDERS OF AB INBEV $2.52 BILLION VERSUS $2.64 BILLION IN REUTERS POLL Technically, the price graph is not looking promising, […]


High unemployment figures make for a miserable country

In 1962, well-known American economist, Arthur Orkun, found that a 1% rise in unemployment figures had an approximate 2% adverse effect on the country’s GDP. He developed the Misery Index by adding the US unemployment rate to the inflation rate, the result of which should point out just how miserable the country is. The higher […]

Markets & Equities

Compile your share portfolio like the heavyweights do

In most of my reports, I always try to give investors the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding their personal investment portfolios. Upon recently visiting my doctor following a somewhat incorrect self-diagnosis, he jokingly stated that “Dr Google” thinks he knows everything, often to the detriment of his patients. Not only did I make […]

Trading Ideas

Google results

$GOOG – Google results by SchalkLouw on After disappointing earnings results last night, Alphabet Inc ( GOOG ) lost 7.7% of its value and again struggling today (-2%). They say a picture say a thousand words, and this one is no different. With a possible inverse head and shoulders developing, a bounce could possibly […]

Trading Ideas

ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV – Beginning of more Froth or heading for a Trough?

$JSEANH – Beginning of more Froth or heading for a Trough? by SchalkLouw on So confession time – this will be the one that got away for me in 2019 thus far. What’s not to like about the product? Great recovery coming from $JSEANH since the start of 2019, bring the price at a […]

Trading Ideas

Y’ello…look who’s back

Y’ello…look who’s back by SchalkLouw on MTN definitely back on the radar. After a few years of constant bad news, good news lately pushed the share price above its diagonal resistance line, which started in January 2018. Over the shorter term, the 14 day RSI are indicating that $JSEMTN are extremely overbought. Should the […]

Markets & Equities

Gambling on the stock exchange: Is the gain worth the venture?

One of the most fascinating places I like to visit is Grand West Casino. Not because I like to gamble (because I don’t), but because people fascinate me. When they enter the casino, they’re all smiles and everyone’s full of enthusiasm. But when they leave, it’s usually a different story. It’s exactly this mood change […]

Markets & Equities

Dividends are key

We all have that one thing or event that can take you right back to some of the best times in your childhood. I have plenty, but one that will always stand out is playing board games with my family at the dinner table during holidays. Unlike most families, we didn’t play Monopoly or Trivial […]

Trading Ideas

AECI could join mining play with big BANG

$JSEAFE could join mining play with big BANG by SchalkLouw on AECI currently one I’m watching very closely. Share price little bit under pressure lately, which currently look good for an entry point. AECI is a South African-based explosives and chemical specialty company. The company is engaged in offering a range of products and […]

Trading Ideas

Short – What “Tech Bubble”?

What “Tech Bubble”? by SchalkLouw on Global Tech companies made a great comeback since giving brave investors the best Christmas (time of Low) 2018 gift ever. ISHARES TRUST GLOBAL TECH ETF now approaching its all time highs the ETF made in August & October last year (2018). Nice little inverse head and shoulders developed, […]