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The road to success does not always run equally smoothly

It’s a scientific fact that no two people are exactly alike. A few years ago, my family and I took a road trip through the Klein Karoo. Aside from being one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on earth, it is also known for some of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges. We spent the […]

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Top5 oversold/overbought according to RSI & NEPI Rockcastle

Top5 oversold/overbought according to RSI & NEPI Rockcastle by SchalkLouw on Welcome back MediClinic! After some pressure years, you’re back into “overbought” after a solid trading update this week. Top 5 Oversold & Overbought currently according to their 14-day RSI’s: Oversold: Hospitality Property B 27 Fortress REIT B 30 Cashbuild 31 Libstar Hlds 34 […]

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The Tiger cannot change its stripes

The Tiger cannot change its stripes by SchalkLouw on   After a few years which Tiger Brands would surely like to forget, it seems like the both the company results and share price, have found quite a strong support. Fundamentally the company is sound, with both PE’s and Price/Books trading at 5-year lows. After […]

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Is there value hiding in quality shares?

When we talk about the biggest comeback of all times, I’m sure that Tiger Woods will stand out as one of the greatest ever. Until quite recently still, whenever the name Tiger Woods was mentioned, most people felt that he USED TO be one of the greatest golfers ever and that he was likely to […]


Don’t bet on last year’s star performers

Whether it’s Formula 1’s four wheels or the two wheels in MotoGP, I absolutely love motorsports. Many readers may point out, however, that motorsports have become boring in recent years, mainly because the previous week’s winners (usually Lewis Hamilton or Marc Márquez) typically end up winning the following week’s race as well. To date, between […]

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How to save during tough times

We currently find ourselves in a market that hasn’t shown any real growth over the past five years and even the most optimistic investors are now starting to panic, especially those who have already retired. With the cost of living rising rapidly, many pensioners are forced to increase their withdrawal rates to well above the […]


Is there really value hiding somewhere in the South African market?

I have always found the human brain to be a fascinating thing. In school, we had a pupil that was extremely gullible. He would come to school 100% healthy, but from time to time, his friends would play a prank on him by telling him that he didn’t look healthy at all. Lo and behold, […]


There goes the rand… Yet Again

As South Africans, we have this amazing ability to come up with catchy terms for big events that take place in our country. But just as the USA is running out of female names for hurricanes, it seems that we will also be running out of terms to label local catastrophic events soon, especially when […]

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Sports psychology for investors

In recent years, South African sports enthusiasts have been introduced to a few new sports terms that you won’t necessarily find in standard recognised dictionaries. Some of these include “Chokers” and “BMT” (big match temperament), which have made headlines on several occasions throughout the year. Whether its the Proteas getting stuck in yet another big […]

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The differences between SA Multi-Asset Income Funds and Money Market

If we take a look at the following incorrect statements made by individuals over the years, one thing becomes clear, and that is that no single human being is perfect: “While theoretically and technically television may be feasible, commercially and financially I consider it an impossibility, a development of which we need waste little time […]

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The correlation between shares and interest rates

I have referred to the correlation, or lack thereof, between quite a few ratios and investments in my past writings. But much like Australian Cricket players and sandpaper, when we take a closer look at the relationship between our stock market and interest rate cycles, you will see that these two do in fact go […]

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Saving in offshore investments

We still find ourselves in the month of July, which also happens to be National Savings Month. In my previous three columns, I discussed the importance of saving both before and after retirement. This week, I would like to touch on something that has recently appeared regularly both in the press and on social media: […]

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How to prepare your investments for retirement

It doesn’t matter which social media platform you are using, it’s clear that it’s that time of the year when everybody’s off to some or other holiday destination. Some have to book months, or even years in advance to reserve the perfect spot in the Kruger National Park, while others opt for a more exotic […]

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Retirement: What if the RECOMMENDED withdrawal rate is not enough?

Last week I discussed the impact of withdrawal rates on a living annuity’s lifespan and I showed investors how a withdrawal rate of 7.5% and higher can knock both time and value off your income and overall capital over the longer term. However, the withdrawal rate of between 5% and 6% recommended by the Association […]


Just how defensive are defensive stocks right now?

Defensive stocks are predominantly found in industries where companies are mainly focused on delivering cheaper products or services that consumers find hard or impossible to manage without. Typical examples of areas where defensive investments can be found include food manufacturers and retailers, medical care and the tobacco and alcohol industries. The fact that delivering these […]


Winners do not always go hand-in-hand

I’m sure that most people are familiar with the saying about something going hand in hand with something else. Let’s use a cycling team in the Tour de France (TdF) as an example. A team consisting of Peter Sagan and Mark Cavendish simply wouldn’t make sense, because their goals for this year’s TdF, and their […]


Is now the right time to sell your shares?

We find ourselves in the sixthmonth of 2019, a year that can definitely be described as a rollercoaster year. Just over a month ago investors were all excited to see the FTSE/JSE trading positive by 14.5% for this year (up to 23 April 2019) and there was a general feeling of optimism. Now the market […]

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Sasol – Running out of Fuel

Sasol – Running out of Fuel by SchalkLouw on In one fail swoop, Sasol not only dropping 13% in one day, but also broke a very strong support line at R383.50. Main reason was the Lake Charles Project not only seriously going over budget, but also starting to look like the Never-Ending Story. Debt […]

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Choose equity unit trust funds for their strengths

Those of you who follow my reports on a regular basis will know that I love to compare and analyse stocks according to different ratios globally in an attempt to identify the best of the best.  I have also pointed out that there isn’t necessarily only one right answer when it comes to investment ratios. […]

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My Tencent worth…

My Tencent worth… by SchalkLouw on Following most Chinese Internet Companies, #Tencent succumbing to the Trump tax-blow. A breakthrough it’s 6-month support line does not paint a pretty picture for the share price going forward. N   Next support level could be around the lows of March (350HKD), with a break most probably testing […]