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10 shares with potential for high dividend yields

I don’t want to sound like a Masterchef contender, but we all know that you can bake an amazing bread with a relatively small piece of dough. This is possible, because prior to baking, the dough should be left to rise properly in the oven, and then baked to perfection. If you (like me) become […]

Portfolio DIY

Start by looking for quality shares

There’s a saying that you should “begin with the end in mind”, and it can also very appropriately be applied to investments. When you invest, your first step is to identify your expectations, or more specifically, your ultimate investment goal, whether it’s a short-term goal that should be reached in only a few months, such […]

Financial Planning Portfolio DIY

How to determine your risk tolerance

Risk management isn’t a difficult concept to explain. We all do it every single day, whether it’s fastening your seat belt after you get into your car, or something as small as booking a table at your favourite restaurant. When you get into your car, you do so with the intention of reaching a particular […]

Financial Planning Portfolio DIY

Following a focused investment strategy in 2017

The fact that the FTSE/JSE All Share Index barely delivered any returns in the last two years, shows us that when it comes to managing a personal share portfolio, it’s often wise to stick to specific themes. The easiest way to do this, is to manage your share portfolio in the same way that you […]

Markets & Equities Portfolio DIY

Buy yourself an A-class world portfolio with only 3 ETFs

We have always been trying to find a way to beat the system, and people have proven over the years that they aren’t afraid to take chances, whether it is to figure out the formula to the winning number combination to win the lotto or whether it is to take on the open seas in […]

Economy Financial Planning Portfolio DIY

Building your portfolio like a pro – Part 2

I always try to provide my clients with as many tools and aids as possible whenever I release a report, in order to help them to make the best possible decisions regarding their investment portfolios. This also encourages me to go back in time every now and then, to evaluate which models and tools were […]

Markets & Equities Portfolio DIY

Why Dividends help you to Invest better

Without trying to sound like the ‘Naked Chef’, it can be said that it takes a relatively small piece of dough to bake a tasty, fresh loaf of bread. To get better results, it is always better to leave the dough in the oven until it is fully proved and baked. If you become impatient, […]

Markets & Equities Portfolio DIY

A team that can score and defend

With exciting prospects of a Rugby World Cup later this year, I was encouraged to show that I too can choose a winning team for the moderate investor. I won’t be using rugby players, of course, but rather investments that you can consider when building your own balanced portfolio. Props They are usually the heaviest […]