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The Hangover by SchalkLouw on Bad miss from Anheuser-Busch today – Q1 vs estimates * Q1 REVENUE USD 12.59 BILLION VERSUS USD 12.77 BILLION IN REUTERS POLL * Q1 NORMALIZED PROFIT ATTRIBUTABLE TO EQUITY HOLDERS OF AB INBEV $2.52 BILLION VERSUS $2.64 BILLION IN REUTERS POLL Technically, the price graph is not looking promising, […]

Trading Ideas

ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV – Beginning of more Froth or heading for a Trough?

$JSEANH – Beginning of more Froth or heading for a Trough? by SchalkLouw on So confession time – this will be the one that got away for me in 2019 thus far. What’s not to like about the product? Great recovery coming from $JSEANH since the start of 2019, bring the price at a […]

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The BETA solution to current market conditions

With terms like Brexit, Trump and Junk Status popping up regularly over the past year, I think we all have come to the conclusion that uncertainty is the only definite we can count on for now. But at the same time, according to Bloomberg Consensus, analysts still believe that our local market has a growth […]