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Investment lessons from the Oroville Dam disaster

A very interesting story was unfolding in California, USA as I was writing this week’s article. Among the many interesting sights in the USA, you will find the Oroville Dam, which at a height of 235m, is officially the highest dam in the USA. In 2013, however, a crack in one of the dam’s main […]


There goes the Rand again

One of my daughters has one year of school left, while the other has two years left, and as you would expect, most conversations these days are focused around career choices and what each of them would like to become someday. It always takes me back to my younger days when the exact same conversations […]

Economy Markets & Equities

What are the biggest SA fund managers up to?

I’m sure most of you will agree that great uncertainty seems to be the driving force behind world markets at the moment. When the sun shines at its brightest on the markets, investors seem blinded by the light and unable to see actual fair value, while these very investors fail to see anything good when […]