There goes the rand… Yet Again

As South Africans, we have this amazing ability to come up with catchy terms for big events that take place in our country. But just as the USA is running out of female names for hurricanes, it seems that we will also be running out of terms to label local catastrophic events soon, especially when […]


High unemployment figures make for a miserable country

In 1962, well-known American economist, Arthur Orkun, found that a 1% rise in unemployment figures had an approximate 2% adverse effect on the country’s GDP. He developed the Misery Index by adding the US unemployment rate to the inflation rate, the result of which should point out just how miserable the country is. The higher […]

Financial Planning

How much do you need to retire comfortably?

Saving for retirement is a lot like batting first in a cricket match. You know you have to save and you keep saving as you go along, but a question that many South Africans struggle with, is how many ‘runs’ will ultimately be enough to ensure a comfortable retirement? EXPECTED MONTHLY INCOME Let’s start at […]

Financial Planning Portfolio DIY

Following a focused investment strategy in 2017

The fact that the FTSE/JSE All Share Index barely delivered any returns in the last two years, shows us that when it comes to managing a personal share portfolio, it’s often wise to stick to specific themes. The easiest way to do this, is to manage your share portfolio in the same way that you […]

Economy Markets & Equities

The A-Z of investments in 2016

A – #Allmustfall After 2015 was largely highlighted by campaigns such as the #RhodesMustFall and the #FeesMustFall movements, hopes were high that 2016 would be different. Unfortunately, our hopes were in vain as the #FeesMustFall campaign only intensified. Let’s truly hope that 2017 marks the end of these destructive #AllMustFall movements and the start of […]

Financial Planning Markets & Equities

Invest in the right asset classes for the right reasons

Whenever I get the opportunity to speak to Mr Nols Odendaal from Bethlehem, he always tells me the story about the farmer who bought himself a few lambs. He fed them well and chased them all into a small pen, next to which he placed his camp chair so that he could watch them closely. […]