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The correlation between shares and interest rates

I have referred to the correlation, or lack thereof, between quite a few ratios and investments in my past writings. But much like Australian Cricket players and sandpaper, when we take a closer look at the relationship between our stock market and interest rate cycles, you will see that these two do in fact go […]

Markets & Equities

The clash between share prices and interest rates

One of John Templeton’s most famous sayings is “The four most expensive words in the English language are ‘this time it’s different’.” With that in mind, my mom always said that one should never say never, because you might end up quite surprised. Those of you who have followed my reports over the last 10 […]


The Rand – 12.5 Litres in a 10 Litre bucket

I always enjoy the story of how the Springkboks played a test match against Scotland at Murrayfield Stadium in 1951, and how they beat them with a record score of 44-0. No wonder the Scottish commentator, Bill McLaren, had to wait until after this outstanding performance by South Africa, to tell his listeners in his […]

Markets & Equities

Shares and Interest Rates go hand in hand

We’ve all heard the saying: “It goes hand in hand.” The easiest way to illustrate its meaning is by referring to examples such as cheese and wine, tea and biscuits, Sonny and Cher, and Bismarck and a disciplinary hearing. When we take a closer look at the equity market and interest rate cycles, it becomes […]