Financial Planning

Have realistic growth expectations

“`During my years in this industry, I have met countless investors who simply aim too high with their growth expectations and often refuse to invest according to the risk profile recommended for them. Upon inception, they want to invest as aggressively as possible to achieve the best possible growth, until markets take a turn for […]

Markets & Equities

Compile your share portfolio like the heavyweights do

In most of my reports, I always try to give investors the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding their personal investment portfolios. Upon recently visiting my doctor following a somewhat incorrect self-diagnosis, he jokingly stated that “Dr Google” thinks he knows everything, often to the detriment of his patients. Not only did I make […]

Financial Planning

Structure your direct offshore investment correctly, from the start

Do your own research and approach emigration and externalisation of assets with exceptional levels of critical thinking, not based on emotions. South Africans are currently facing the difficulty of making financial decisions in light of worrying new headlines. Many investors are grappling with planning ahead and making thorough capital allocation decisions despite high levels of […]

Equity reports

Get to know your offshore companies: HEINEKEN NV (AEX: HEIN)

Heineken N.V. is involved in the brewing and selling of beer. The Company operates through five segments: Africa, Middle East & Eastern Europe; Americas; Asia Pacific and Europe. The company recently released its results for the half year ended 30 July 2018. Their organic net revenue increased by 5.6%, consolidated beer volume increased by 4.5% while […]

Equity reports

GET TO KNOW YOUR OFFSHORE COMPANIES: Brookfield Asset Management Inc. ($BAM)

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. is an alternative asset manager, operating in Asset Management, Property, Renewable power, Infrastructure, Residential and Private Equity segments. Brookfield AM released interim results for Q1 Mar18. Revenue increased 110%, funds from operations increased 74%, but AUM decreased slightly to $2.82bn (from $2.83). Click here to download the full report

Financial Planning

Five easy investment steps

“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. This rarely becomes as apparent as when you’re in an argument about following a map or step-by-step assembly instructions. “Why should I follow instructions on how to assemble this cabinet?” And how many times did I end up unscrewing everything, only to follow the assembly instructions eventually… […]