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When last year’s winners keep up momentum

A few of you might point out that my message this week directly contradicts what I said a few weeks ago. “Don’t bet on last year’s star performers” was right there in the title in September after all, and I pointed out that betting on last year’s winning shares may not always be the best […]

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Compile your share portfolio like the heavyweights do

In most of my reports, I always try to give investors the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding their personal investment portfolios. Upon recently visiting my doctor following a somewhat incorrect self-diagnosis, he jokingly stated that “Dr Google” thinks he knows everything, often to the detriment of his patients. Not only did I make […]

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Gambling on the stock exchange: Is the gain worth the venture?

One of the most fascinating places I like to visit is Grand West Casino. Not because I like to gamble (because I don’t), but because people fascinate me. When they enter the casino, they’re all smiles and everyone’s full of enthusiasm. But when they leave, it’s usually a different story. It’s exactly this mood change […]

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Dividends are key

We all have that one thing or event that can take you right back to some of the best times in your childhood. I have plenty, but one that will always stand out is playing board games with my family at the dinner table during holidays. Unlike most families, we didn’t play Monopoly or Trivial […]


Surprise earnings

I have found that it’s often the events that we look forward to the least, that turn out surprisingly well and that many events that we have looked forward to for a very long time, often tend to disappoint us. At the beginning of 2018, there were great expectations and hopes that our local stock […]


If you can measure it, you can manage it

Without numbers, terms such as “chances are” and “probably” would have no real meaning. Without chances and probability, the only way to approach risk would be through fate and destiny. Without numbers, risk would be based on nothing more than a hunch. We live in a world filled with numbers and calculations, whether its the […]

Trading Ideas

$JSENPN hurt by Nexon outlook

$JSENPN hurt by Nexon outlook by SchalkLouw on   Nexon Co. generates +/- half of it’s sales from China, where Tencent distributes its popular game Dungeon & Fighter. In a statement released yesterday, they mentioned that they expect revenue from China to drop by double-digit percentage this quarter, contributing the main reason to the […]

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Share forecasts for 2019

By the time I started writing my first column for 2019, we were already eight days into the new year and things seemed to look a little more promising than it did at the end of 2018. I also took some time to read through the 2019 investment forecasts of some of the world’s largest […]

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The A-Z of investments in 2018

A – ANC 2018 was tough year for the ANC. First, a change in “bodyguard” at the beginning of the year, followed by land reform and constant corruption charges against prominent members of the party. One can only assume that with the 2019 elections looming, things will definitely escalate going forward. B – Bitcoin Unless […]

Equity reports

Get to know your JSE companies: NASPERS LTD (JSE: NPN)

Naspers’s released their interim results for the six months ended 30 September on the 30th of November 2018. Including equity accounted investments, the group reported revenue growth of 23% and core headline earnings per share increased by 39%. No interim dividend was declared as it is the company’s policy to pay dividends annually. During the […]

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Stats and themes

Flying back home recently from OR Tambo international airport, I couldn’t help but notice that by putting some distance between myself and the earth below, we get to see things from a completely different perspective. On the ground, everything seems to be moving constantly, but as the airplane goes higher and higher, the movement and […]

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The right time to list a company

All entrepreneurs must dream of the day when their business grows to such an extent that it justifies a listing on a recognised stock exchange such as the JSE. Let’s suggest that this company grows even more and that one of its departments or subsidiaries becomes so large that it justifies its own listing. Now […]

Morning Note

Morning Note – 18 September 2018

SENS Summary Naspers Limited (NPN) Naspers announced its intention to list its Video Entertainment business separately on the JSE. The new company will be named MultiChoice Group Limited. Rhodes Food Group Holdings Limited (RFG) Rhodes Food Group released a trading update for the year ending 30 September 2018. Management expects headline earnings per share to be […]

Morning Note

Morning Note – 5 September 2018

SENS Summary Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited (APN) Aspen released a voluntary trading update for the year ended 30 June 2018. Headline earnings per share for the period is expected to increase by between 11% to 15%. Discovery Holdings Limited (DSY)   Discovery released their audited financial results for the year ended 30 June 2018. The embedded […]

Morning Note

Morning Note – 10 July 2018

SENS Summary Tsogo Sun Limited (TSH) Tsogo Sun announced that they have entered into a sale of shares and subscription agreement for the disposal of a portfolio of seven mixed-use casino precinct properties for an aggregate purchase consideration of R23 billion. The transaction is in line with the Board’s strategy to restructure Tsogo in to […]

Morning Note

Morning Note – 25 June 2018

SENS Summary Naspers Limited (NPN) Naspers released their full year results for the year ended 31 March 2018. Consolidated revenue increased by 9.55% to US$6.7bn, core headline earnings increased by 72% which includes the gain on the disposal of a 2% interest in Tencent Holdings and the annual gross dividend increased by 12% to 650 […]