Financial Planning

Saving in offshore investments

We still find ourselves in the month of July, which also happens to be National Savings Month. In my previous three columns, I discussed the importance of saving both before and after retirement. This week, I would like to touch on something that has recently appeared regularly both in the press and on social media: […]

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Buy yourself an A-class world portfolio with only 3 ETFs

We have always been trying to find a way to beat the system, and people have proven over the years that they aren’t afraid to take chances, whether it is to figure out the formula to the winning number combination to win the lotto or whether it is to take on the open seas in […]

Trading Updates

Trade Spotlight: Offshore listed property shares

Listed property shares were the best performing local asset class over the past decade. With the tone around the BREXIT referendum (being held this Thursday) seemingly shifting more towards the REMAIN camp. Has market sentiment turned bullish for offshore listed property shares? The share prices of Capco (CCO), Intuplc (ITU) and NEPI (NEP) gained 4….2%, […]

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If you have all the Rand’s answers, you didn’t understand all the questions

There is a saying among investors that the best time to buy is during times of maximum pessimism, while the best time to sell is during times of maximum optimism. This saying is particularly relevant to the Rand’s massive volatility over the past decade. We first saw how the Rand dropped from around R6 per […]

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South Africa in perspective

Many readers are probably familiar with the joke about the two war veterans reminiscing at a reunion. Koos turns to Mike and asks him whether he remembers the Spierbult massacre. “Of course,” Mike replies, “That was a big day; how can anyone forget? It was ten against 10 000 men.” “That’s right,” Koos said, “And […]