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Is there value hiding in quality shares?

When we talk about the biggest comeback of all times, I’m sure that Tiger Woods will stand out as one of the greatest ever. Until quite recently still, whenever the name Tiger Woods was mentioned, most people felt that he USED TO be one of the greatest golfers ever and that he was likely to […]


Is the popularity surrounding technical analyses overdone?

I came across a very interesting comment on social media this week surrounding the technical analyses of shares. In short, this person believes that it is something that gets “way too much” attention on social media. This person continued by saying that a “horrible” technical analysis system combined with an excellent risk/portfolio management system would […]

Morning Note

Morning Note – 25 September 2018

SENS Summary Zeder Investments Limited (ZED) Zeder advised that its subsidiary, Capespan Group Limited, has disposed of its entire shareholding in Jong Wing Wau for approximately R1.17 bn. Standard Bank Group Limited (SBK)   Allan Gray has increased their stake in Standard Bank to 5.02% of securities in issue. Current Forex ZAR/USD : 14.37 ZAR/GBP : 18.85 […]

Morning Note

Morning Note – 23 August 2018

SENS Summary The Bidvest Group Limited (BVT) Bidvest released a trading statement for the year ended 30 June 2018. Headline earnings per share is expected to be between 10% and 12% higher than the prior period (2017: 1108.2 cents per share), translating into HEPS of between 1 219 cents and 1 241 cents. African Rainbow […]

Morning Note

Morning Note – 18 July 2018

SENS Summary JSE Limited (JSE) The JSE released a trading statement for six months ended 30 June 2018. Headline earnings per share are expected to be between 30% and 40% higher than prior six-month period. The increase in HEPS is attributable to cost control across the group and a once-off tax credit of R31 million. […]

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The ongoing search for diamonds in our market

I have previously said that if you want to manage a successful share portfolio, you have to follow the same basic principles as the old diamond miners who carefully had to pick through a sifting pan full of pebbles to find the ultimate reward: that ever-elusive diamond. Each investment expert has his own ‘pan’. Some […]

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How to do what the big shots are doing

Some of the most interesting things in my weekly columns aren’t necessarily the data and figures I supply, but rather the little wisdoms that come with them. I recently read through some of my old reports and I found it quite striking how many times I have mentioned my two (then very young) daughters in […]

Morning Note

Morning Note – 7 April 2017

SENS Summary *Brimstone (BRN, BRT) Brimstone reported there Intrinsic NAV as at 31 March 2017. The fully diluted Intrinsic NAV per share was reported at R19.52 representing a discount of 30.5% to the ordinary shares. *Woolworhts Holdings Limited (WHL) JP Morgan reduced there shareholding from 5.36% to 4.07% in Woolworths.   Current Forex ZAR/USD : […]

Economy Financial Planning Portfolio DIY

Building your portfolio like a pro – Part 2

I always try to provide my clients with as many tools and aids as possible whenever I release a report, in order to help them to make the best possible decisions regarding their investment portfolios. This also encourages me to go back in time every now and then, to evaluate which models and tools were […]

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Last season’s fashion trends

I find fashion trends quite amusing. In the early 1990’s, Paisley shirts formed part of almost every man’s wardrobe. Ten years later we couldn’t believe that we just had to have those ‘horrible’ curls and swirls, but at the time it was a fashion trend and we didn’t dare to be different. Towards the end […]