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How high volatility can offer investors good opportunities to buy

As I was writing this, we were just entering the month of March, following a February filled with so much negativity that I’m sure we would all just like to forget it as soon as possible. They say that it is always darkest before the dawn, and although this may not be the answer that […]

Markets & Equities

The A-Z of investments in 2018

A – ANC 2018 was tough year for the ANC. First, a change in “bodyguard” at the beginning of the year, followed by land reform and constant corruption charges against prominent members of the party. One can only assume that with the 2019 elections looming, things will definitely escalate going forward. B – Bitcoin Unless […]

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Invest in the right asset classes for the right reasons

Whenever I get the opportunity to speak to Mr Nols Odendaal from Bethlehem, he always tells me the story about the farmer who bought himself a few lambs. He fed them well and chased them all into a small pen, next to which he placed his camp chair so that he could watch them closely. […]